Centralized Ops Team

In this model, a dedicated operations team is responsible for monitoring, alerting, and managing all incidents. They're the first responders to system abnormalities, and they handle the full scope of incident management, from diagnosis to resolution.


  • This approach involves fewer people, simplifying coordination.

  • The team develops a comprehensive understanding of the system's behavior over time, which can aid in identifying anomalies and troubleshooting incidents.


  • Longer Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) can occur due to the team's potential lack of deep familiarity with specific software components, especially when complex incidents arise that require specialized knowledge.

  • Centralized teams can also become a bottleneck if they are relied upon too heavily. They can also struggle with communication with different teams if not managed effectively.

Ideal Use Case

  • This model is recommended when your software is mature, changes infrequently, and system stability is the norm, requiring fewer interventions by the team with deep software-specific knowledge.

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